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The Westaway Chronicle

The Westaway Chronicle is an extremely useful source for all Westaway researchers. Bob Westaway used an exemplary systematic approach to his family research which he records in detail in the book. Ron Upham and his daughter Marianne helped him and extracted many of the Westaway names from various parish records and typed up the book for Bob. Another Westaway researcher, Loveday Coombes also helped. The study included extracting information from the original Sampford Courtenay Manorial deeds which are held by Cambridge University and the background social history of the period, which together give a great incite into life in the Devon village during the period 1506 to 1790. Whilst some of the early trees have since been proved to be inaccurate, (the discovery of the wills), the rest of the content is very thorough. The book was published in 1989 and unfortunately Bob has since died. There were very few copies and these can only be found in some Devon Record Offices, The Devon Family History Centre and the Society of Genealogists. Bob's daughter, Elaine has very kindly given me permission to publish on the internet some of the book, but at the moment there is alot of editing to do because Ron originally typed it out on an Amstrad Computer which is not PC compatible. However below is the index which clearly illustrates the depth of his study and some examples of early manorial deeds.

Part 1 Page
Early Surnames 1
The Manor of Sampford Courtenay 1
The Manorial System 3
Manorial Courts 4
The Black Death 5
The Prayer Book Rebellion, 1549 6
The Provost & Fellows of King's College, Cambridge 6
Summary 7
Manorial Court Rolls  
Locations of Places mentioned in Manorial Rolls (and some Wills) 9
Glossary of Terms used in Wills & Manorial Records 10
Extracts from Court Rolls 12
Consideration of More Detailed Extracts 26
Places & Related People 28
Identification of Personal Names 34
Parish Registers, Family Trees, etc.  
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials - Introduction 42
Extracts from transcript of S.C. Registers by T.L. Stoate  
additional to those on pages 43 to 46 42(I)
Baptisms and Marriages at Sampford Courtenay 43
Baptisms, Marriages & Burials at Sampford Courtenay 46
Burials (continued) at Sampford Courtenay 47/47(i)
Family Tree (Sampford Courtenay), commencing with Gilbert Westawaie 48
do. do. do. do. commencing with Lawrence Westaway 49
do. do. do. do. remaining families on the parish register 50
Notes on the Sampford Courtenay family trees 51
Inquisition Post Mortem (Barnabas Westawaie) 54
Main contents of this I.P.M. (per Devon Record Office) . 55
Indenture of 1st March, 1711 . 56
Marriage Entry of Mark Westaway & Elizabeth Parr 58
Baptisms & Marriages of family members in Parishes other than Sampford Courtenay 59
Baptisms & Marriages at Belstone 60
Baptisms, Marriages & some Burials: Bondleigh;Broadwoodkelly, Coldridge 62
Baptisms & Marriages: Crediton 63
do. do. : Dolton; Exbourne (& three burials) 65
do. do. : Exeter 66
do. do. : Exeter (cont'd); Gidleigh; (and two burials) 67
do. do. : Holbeton; Honeychurch; Iddesleigh; Jacobstowe; Meeth 68
Baptisms & Marriages: Okehampton 69
do. do. : South Tawton (Some burials on p.74) 70
Family Trees of two William Westaways (at Wickington and Zeal) 75
Baptisms & Marriages: Spreyton; Throwleigh; Wembworthy (& three burials); Zeal Monachrome 76
do. do. : Winkleigh (& two burials) 77
Family Tree (Winkleigh), Richard & Temperance 78
do. do. do. Jeremiah & Jane 79
Sundry Manors per Domesday Book: I.P.M. 80
Devon's Population 81
Numbers of Houses, Families & Inhabitants 82
"Westaways" extracted from nine old records 83
Location of Manorial Records per National Register of Archives 84
Chancery Court case: Westway v. Tolson 86
Devon Protestation Returns, 1641 87
The Burnet Morris Index at the Westcountry Studies Library 88
Miscellaneous Mentions of the Westaway name 89
References to various Wills 92
Part 2  
The family history of Mrs. L.M. Coombes 98
Part 3  
The family history of Mr. R.F. Upham 109
Part 4  
The family history of Mr. R.C. Westaway 120
Part 5  
Various papers and family trees relating to the Bradworthy Westaways 131


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