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Poor Law Records

South Tawton Parish Records

Westaways paying taxes/rates to the Parish

Poor Law Account Books- Westaway Receiving Aid

Poor Law Apprenticeships

A Sample of how wages decreased during the period 1820 - 1835

Westaways paying taxes/rates to the South Tawton Parish (back to top)

1724 Richard Westaway for Dibhouse, Woodland, Lovaton, Little Collibeers, Brushcombe and Drakes down
1730 Widow Margery Westaway for same
Anne Westaway for Richard Oxenhams
John Westaway for Lanbridges
Mr J Battishall for Battishay
Mr Richard Westaway for Diphouse, Lovaton, Collibeere, Brushcombe, Drakesdown
1780 Thomas Powlesland for Wickington/Tawnmores
William Crocker for Dunscombe - Thomas Westaway occupying
1782 John Westaway for Wickington and Tawsmoor
1799 John Westaway for Wickington and Tawsmoor
1812 William Westaway for Wickington/Tawsmoor
John Westaway for Glanfield, Zeal
1825 William Westaway self for Wickington
William Westaway self for Tawmoore

Poor Law Account Books- Westaway Receiving Aid (back to top)

1790 Margaret Westaway
1791 Jane Westaway a coat
John Westaway Weekly Pay
Margaret Westaway
Mary Westaway 'child all'
Mary Westaway (wid)
1793 William Westaway, jun appeals for Poor Rate
To William Westaway's wife in a bad way 4s
To William Westaway's family in Family Sickness
1794 Aged/ill
Jane Westaway of Zele
William Westaway's wife, Mary ? ill
Poor Law
Benjamin Westaway, jun of Ashburton
1795 Margaret Westaway 8s
Mary Westaway 7s
William Westaway in need
1805 Jane Westaway to topping & tailing her shoes 2s. 6d
Suzanna Westaway a pair of shoes & nails 6s. 4d
John Westaway 4 1/2 yards of canvas & 15 yds for shifts 5s. 7d
William Westaway's boy, a coat & pair of shoes & nails 6s. 10d & 5s. 7d
Mary westaway, jun a pair of stockings
1813 Benjamin Westaway a shirt
1813 James Westaway - an undercoat
1824 Sue Westaway's boy for clothes
1826 William Westaway sen for pr shoes & nails
1828 John Westaway, counterpane, 2 hair blankets for use in poor house 17s 6d
1828 John Westaway for poor house 2s 11d
William Westaway, comber - shoes 6s, 2 1/2d
William Westaway for bandage 6d
1833 William Westaway - blanket
12/1833 Last payment for William Westaway 5s. 4d
1834 Francis Westaway's family for his child that is so very ill 10s
1835 Grace Westaway of Exon (wife of William Searle Westaway? 14s
Grace Westaway, widow 10s
Betty Westaway, cripple 10s
Betty Westaway, widow 8s
Mary Westaway, cripple 8s

Poor Law Apprenticeships (back to top)

Apprenticed To
Term of Years
30/4/1805 Jane Westaway
John Michael Brook 13 years
3/12/1805 Jane Westaway
John & Mary John Powlesland 11 years
12/12/1805 Ann Westaway
John John Knapman 13 years
2/3/1807 George Westaway
William & Elizabeth 12 years
2/3/1807 Mary Westaway
William & Elizabeth W. Moor, farmer for Pitts 12 years
10/8/1807 John Westaway
William & Elizabeth Wm Blanchford, Drewsteignton 6 years
7/3/1808 William Westaway
William & Betty Wm Powlesland (by consent) 13 years
7/3/1808 Betty Westaway
William & Betty Thos Moore for Collibeare 13 years
7/3/1811 Francis Westaway
William & Elizabeth Richard Dunning, Slowhill 13 years
8/6/1812 Robert Westaway
Sue Westaway Will. Hole for Addiscott 13 years
3/2/1817 George Westaway
John & Elizabeth James Jenning (by consent) 11 years
3/1/1825 Samuel Westaway
Susan W., wid John Westaway, cordwainer by consent
24/9/1827 Benjamin Westaway
Susanna W., wid Will. Wonnacott for Burgoyne
1/3/1830 Harriet Westaway
George & Ann Thos Stoneman for Cocktree


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