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Ronald Frank Upham descendant of William Upham & Maria Westaway

By Sheila Yeo

Ron Upham was one of the major contributors to the development and publishing of the Westaway Chronicles, a document that has been very helpful to persons researching the Westaway family history. Ron served in the Royal Navy then worked in Malta, Hong Kong and Turkey. In 1977 the family settled in Ilminster after his retirement---EWSomers---

Ron in the early 1930's at Lee on Solent School  

I was first in contact with Ron in 1991 and for several years our letters were addressed Dear Mr Upham or Dear Mrs Yeo, but after a few years we conversed on christian name terms. This is so typical of Ron, very precise and correct but he did so much for the Westaway research. Ron kept us all going sending out new information and linking us to other people. He and Marianne, his daughter, transcribed most of the parish records for the Westaway Chronicle and typed it all up. Ron had an old Amstrad computer which he used to store all the information on the chronicle and also as a typewriter. All his trees were type on this and must have taken hours of work. Sadly, in May 1999, Ron's wife Doris died and I know she is sadly missed by them all. Since then he has had a series of minor strokes which have left him virtually housebound. In the early 1990's Glyn had an accident whilst sailing and this has left him with permanent back damage which he is still trying to rectify. He is in constant pain and is in and out of hospital frequently. Marianne is a nurse and as well as working she is now the sole carer for both Ron and Glyn in between breeding her Turkish cats of course.

Ron lived as a child in Lee on Solent, Hampshire and then joined the Navy and travelled all around the world until his retirement in the late 1970's. He now lives in Ilminster, Somerset.


On the left a young handsome Ron in his Naval Uniform taken in Malta around 1952

On the left taken in the early 1990's. Ron (with beard) , Warren Brown , sister Eileen (far left), Diana Hadley, Scruffy (the cat born in Ankera and then 17 years old) and Rustem Bey, Ron's dog.


Full tree from Samuel & Maria Baker showing Ron's link to Shirley Westaway


Descendants of William Upham and Maria Westaway

Generation No. 1

1. William Upham was born 26 Dec 1865 in Talaton, Devon, Eng. He married Maria Westaway 18 Jun 1893 in Exeter, Devon, Eng, daughter of Samuel Westaway and Maria Baker. She was born 10 Nov 1870 in Exeter, Devon, Eng.

William Upham wa listed as a gardener at the timeof his marriage.Born at Talaton, a small village eleven miles east of Exeter.

Children of William Upham and Maria Westaway are:

  • + 2 i. Arthur Stanley Clarence 3 Upham, born 13 Feb 1895 in 1 Polimore Square, Longbrook, Exeter, Devon,
  • 3 ii. Violet Edna Sidwella Upham, born 1899.

Generation No. 2

2. Arthur Stanley Clarence Upham was born 13 Feb 1895 in 1 Polimore Square, Longbrook, Exeter, Devon, Eng. He married Ada Nellie Puddicombe 12 Jun 1917 in St. Thomas Church, Exeter, Devon, Eng. She was born 15 Oct 1896 in Exeter, Devon, Eng.

Children of Arthur Upham and Ada Puddicombe are:

4 i. Ronald Frank Upham, born 07 Apr 1929 in Lee-on-the Solent, Hants, Eng.

5 ii. Ern Upham.

6 iii. Colin Upham.

7 iv. Eileen Upham.

Arthur Stanley Upham  
Ada & Arthur
This delightful photograph was taken in Lee-On-The-Solent in 1929 and includes Ron's mother, (Ada (Puddicombe) on the left), Aunt Lil (Puddicombe) and Ron's bothers and sister, Ern, Colin & Eileen

Generation No. 3

4. Ronald Frank Upham was born 07 Apr 1929 in Lee-on-theSolent, Hants, Eng. He married Doris Marion Joyce Tyler 1953 in Portsmouth, Hants, Eng. She was born 13 Mar 1926 in Isle of Dogs, London, Eng, and died 22 May 1999 in Chard Hospital, Som, Eng.

Children of Ronald Upham and Doris Tyler are:

  • 8 i. Glyn Upham.
  • 9 ii. Marianne Upham.


The photograph of Ron's wife, Doris was taken in 1952 in Portsmouth.

The photograph of Marianne & Glyn, on the right, was taken in the 1960's in Malta

My thanks to Ron and Marianne for all the photographs they sent me and our prayers and thoughts are with them all

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